With a gentle breeze cooling the warm air, the students of SSHS made there way into the City Center.  Eager to dance night away, some for the possible last time with one another.  Prom, for the seniors, is the beginning of the end of a long journey.  It puts the goal line of graduation in sight.  This years theme was a mix of the era's Through the Ages.  For me it was fun but also bittersweet as this might be the last time I get to see some of the people that have made the past 3 years so fun and memorable.  Friends are what make this night special and I thank all of my friends for always treating me no different than them!!!!

What made Prom Special in the students words!!!

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How important is Senior Give Back Day

Every year a good number of Seniors from Saratoga Springs High School take a day at the end of the school year and visit the districts elementary schools, community centers, nursing homes and some other community locations to help make them better.  The do things like plant flowers and bushes, rake yards, paint and many other tasks.  

This year I am able to write this from a unique perspective.  My dad is is the daytime custodian at one of our elementary schools and has worked with the students at 2 different schools.  He spent the day before preparing for the students visit by gathering needed tools and materials.  This year he had the seniors weeding plant beds, planting flowers, placing decorations and removing old planter beds.  The 10 students and their adviser arrived just after 8 am and following a brief intro meeting they were shown what needed to be done and got to work.  My dad works very hard and to make his school the type of learning place that helps children do their best.  The stuff the seniors accomplished today will help that happen and the time they spent frees up the schools custodial staff to complete many other projects that need to be done.  I was very impressed when my dad told me about how hard my classmates worked and at how much they got done.  

Thank you Seniors for being such outstanding members of the Toga community and on behalf of my dad and his co workers Thank you for all the help you gave them!!!

The Video that fueled our passion for the Toga Hot Seat 

​Graduation 2017

​This year had special meaning for us at the Toga Hot Seat.  As I walked the stage with my classmates.  Izzi Cavotta ended the ceremony with a perfect statement how students have become more accepting of everyone over the course of our time walking the halls of SSHS.  Speaking as a special needs student, I have seen it with my own eyes.  One major step was the addition of the Best Buddies Club and the Unified Sports Program.  These programs have created a common area for all students to come together and what we hope is just the beginning of a community that is one.  A community that works together for the benefit of all its people, regardless of color, age, origin, religion or disability. 

​This years class continued the journey we saw started by the class of 2015 and that flourished with the class of 2016.  So to the class of 2018, we issue this challenge: can you take our community closer to the finish line?   Can you carry the torch and light the beacon of acceptance, of respect, of hope and of unity? 

​And for the classes 2019, 2020 and 2021, you are all a part of this now also.  The time starts now to volunteer to help others and make our community stronger and more unified.  Join Best Buddies Club, play Unified sports, check out project lift or help out the Franklin Community Center. 

​While I walked(rolled) the stage this year, being a special needs student, I will continue at SSHS for a couple more years to ready myself for the next phase of life.  I will be there to help promote all the positive things you the students do.  Whether it is on the sports field, the stage, the classroom or in the community, I want to show the world how terrific you all are. 

​Class of 2017, I extend the same message to you as I did to all those before us.  We want to hear from you on all the great things you do after High School.  Send us an email, a snail mail, message us on Facebook or Twitter.  Weblinks, pictures or just a quick note and we will be happy to share it with the THS fans who value hearing about your accomplishments.

​Sincerely, Peter Frolish

"​What made prom special for me was the good music, my good friends, and my hot dogs that I brought into the dance" -Matt Seehusen

2016 Graduation

June 23,2016

The sun was shining brightly like the future of the 530 students ready to cross the stage towards the future.  A future forever shaped by the last four years at Saratoga Springs High School.  Those four years saw many great achievements by the class of 2016.  The football team made history as they went to the State Title game for the first time in school history.  Baseball made it to the state title game also during that four year span,  Hockey won the state title in 2013 and made the frozen four this season. Track/cross country saw many runners compete for state titles. Saratoga's Music performers competed on numerous stages and won many awards. The drama club delivered Broadway caliber shows.  

But what set this years class apart from others?

 They were one of the most caring and compassionate groups of students the Saratoga Community has seen.  Whether having over 75% of the class participate during senior give back day, doing charitable work, setting the standard for school wide inclusion or our helping fellow classmates, they made their mark.  

As they journey into the unknown that the future holds for them, we wish them the best and cannot wait to see all they will accomplish!!!

Good Luck Class of 2016 and Thank you for not just all you did for the community but thank you from my brother and I for all the love and support you all gave us!!!!!!

"​What made prom special for me was being able to see all my friends dressed up and have fun!"

"My official verdict of prom: everyone looked so stunning and I am officially deceased. 10/10 would prom again."-Hannah Lefevre

"Jake and Lia as King and Queen."-Hunter Choy

Former Blue Streaks dot the Collegiate map

Lets see some of those schools.

How fun was the Hypnotist Show? Check out what comedic hypnotist Michael Ray had one young lady so upset about and  Saratoga Track Speedster Robert Haughton do!!!!  We cant stop laughing!!!!!!

​Now with videos from 2016 and 2017!!!!!