The SSHS Drama Club brings you the musical classic Bye Bye Birdie. 
Liam McKenna(recently accepted into The Juilliard School) plays the lead role of Albert T Peterson. He captures the role perfectly and makes you feel his plight between his true love Rosie and his mother.
Speaking of Rosie, as played by Olivia Holquin, what a stunning performence she pulls off. Her song and dance number in the Maudes scene drew a roaring ovation from the audience.
But the two people stole the show with roles that they were truly made to play. First is that of Conrad Birdie, performed by Matthew Boyce, Boyce is not only a terrific actor but what really makes his performence strong is his steller voice. He is a rock star and knows how to really make Conrad Birdie come to life here.
The performer that really steals the show though, is the always amazing Izzi Cavotta. She takes the role of Albert Mother, Mrs Mae Peterson, and runs with it. This role showcased her immense talent. Her stage presence is that of a seasoned Broadway Actress and every scene she is in is utter enjoyment for the audience.
We also want to give applauds to the Musicians under the direction of Superstar Jeffrey Halstead!!!

The entire cast pulls off a masterpiece and the audience was throughly entertained. We give Bye Bye Birdie an A+++ and look foward to the Clubs next offering which is usually the Caberet Night towards the end of the school year!!!! Stay tuned to the Toga Hot Seat for details when we have them!!!

 Opening night this Thursday and we had the privilege of a sneak preview today!!!  

How best to describe what we saw? One word..........


Even that one word does not do the justice deserved but it is as close as it comes.  

​Speaking with long time director Bob Berenis afterwards made us even more eager to see this show.  The way he describes the club and its members, shows true passion.  His passion is also evident with the students who while taking rehearsal serious, also have fun and enjoy it thoroughly.  With the show being held in the smaller and more intimate Teaching Auditorium, allows the aura of emotions from the cast to be felt by the audience.   This venue compliments this play extremely well and the cast will really able to shine. 

The key players in this production are Henry Sinnott playing Captain Keller,

Julia Kelly/Kate Keller, Bailey Bennett/ James Keller and Nora Donnellan/ Aunt Ev.

The two Most important roles belong to Izabel Cavotta and Maddy Blaha.  Ms Cavotta is hands down the clubs top performer, which speaks volumes of her talent.  Each member of this club gives top level performances every time they take the stage.  Izabel plays the role of Annie Sullivan, a teacher hired by Captain Keller to teach his daughter Helen who is deaf, blind, mute and almost feral.  Can Annie teach Helen how to "speak" and achieve?  

Cavotta is definitely one to watch but Blaha has the most difficult role.  She has to be able to convey the struggle of young Helen to the audience without any spoken lines.  From what we saw she will have no problem with this and the viewers will feel young Helens every emotion.

So please enjoy the pictures and videos and make sure to join the Drama Club at one of the shows Nov 3-5

How Good was The Miracle Worker?

It was, without a doubt, the best show we have seen from the SSHS Drama Club and that says a lot.  SSHS Drama Club has become a top notch stage troupe and this offering has cemented that.  We were impressed when we previewed the show weeks ago but were blown away by the final product.  Lets start with the star of the club Izzi Cavotta, She was outstanding in her role as Annie Sullivan.  Izzi helps you to feel her characters plight, her need to help Helen, her need to keep Helen from experiencing the a life institutionalized like she had.  A life where as Annie says "we played with the rats because we had no toys".   Izzi's performance could have been enough to make this a good play but its the whole cast that made it Broadway worthy.

Henry Sinnott as Captain Keller was able to show the Captain's frustration and anger that come with having a child with such special needs as Helen.  The struggle Captain Keller has between his love for his daughter and the well being of the rest of his family is why they hire Annie.   That struggle is what allows Annie to work her Miracle.  Without the Captains love for Helen, he would have sent Annie away before she could help Helen.

Julia Kelly played the part of Kate Keller, Helens Mother and the wife of Captain Keller.  Katie Keller is devoted to her family and Julia does a fantastic job showing the hardship she faces and the love she has for her daughter.

One performance that stood out to us was that of Bailey Bennett.  He plays Captain Kellers oldest son James Keller.  James is the step son of Katie and Helens Step Brother.  James is critical of the way his father and step mother handle Helen.  Bailey also help you feel the dislike he has for his fathers second marriage.  What makes Baileys performance is when he stand up to his father in support of Annie.

When we reviewed the rehearsal weeks ago, one thing we noted was how hard the part of Helen would be to portray and how we were confident in Maddy Blaha's ability to do it was.  We were not let down!!!  Maddy was able to convey Helens every emotion to the audience.  Here use of non verbal communication was outstanding and the scene where she is sitting on the bed knitting is one of our favorites.  While the debate between Annie and the Captain goes on around her, Maddy makes you think she is really blind and deaf.  As she sits there knitting, she never even flinches.  Maddy made us feel Helens struggle but also her need for understanding.  Her need to be heard!!!

SSHS Drama Club brought there best as always!!! We give the whole cast a standing ovation and look forward to their spring musical The Wiz!!!

This musical was one we were eagerly waiting for ​since the day they announced it!!!  It was also one we were sad to see, since it was the last production that our favorite performer would be a member of.  Senior Izzi Cavotta has kept us entertained for 4 years as a member of  the SSHS Drama Club.   Ms Cavotta has been able to take any role and make it her own.  This musical was no different!!  

As the Scarecrow she was beyond fantastic.  Izzi gave her all in her curtain call.  

Adding to the superior performance we witnessed was fellow senior Matthew Boyce as the cowardly Lion.  Matthew has a stage presence second to none, but his greatest quality is his voice.  While he used some of the quirks of past performers to play the part, he added his own dynamic to it.  Mr Boyce used some of his experience as an Elvis impersonator to lift his character into another dimension.  

Rounding out the trio of Dorothys Companions, was the always wonderful Henry Sinnott.  Henry played the Tinman to perfection.

Speaking of Dorothy, that role was played by the younger sister of legendary SSHS Drama Club alum Noah Casner.  Samantha played the role very well and added another great performance to the legacy of the acting Casners.

The one performance that really impressed us the most was that of Evillene, played by sophmore Maggie Farr.  Maggie did a terrific job of being both evil and funny.  We look forward to seeing her on stage for 2 more years with SSHS Drama Club.

Some other very notable performances were:

Aunt Em played by senior Emma Trimmings

The ensemble who played the Crows

Addaperle played by Senior Alice Kaplan

The Messenger played by Bailey Bennett

Glinda played by Senior Nicole Ecker



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The spring musical 

​Bye-Bye Birdie

Maddy Blaha as Helen, Izzi Cavotta as Annie Sullivan, Henry Sinnott as Captain Keller and Julia Kelly as Kate Keller