Our students and the community

Growing up in Saratoga Springs my whole life  has allowed me to explore my community and see its greatness and the bad things too.  Being disabled and dependent on a motorized wheelchair for my mobility makes me stand out and also be ignored at the same time.  

One thing that is 100% true is that the students and the community can benefit immensely from each other!!!

How can they benefit each other?  In so many ways we cannot possible share them all.  

Students do not just learn in a classroom or on a sports field or school related areas but in their everyday life.  One of the most important things young people learn is RESPECT.  Respect is crucial for not only them but the whole world.  What are some ways they can learn respect and benefit the community?

Sports teams or clubs can read to seniors at area nursing homes.  This will help students learn respect for the elderly and maybe learn some history of the world and locally as well.  

They can visit elementary schools and talk with younger students about their experiences and help them learn about whats to come for them .

They can volunteer at the Franklin Community Center,  Saratoga Hospital, Code Blue, Double H Ranch or do community based fund raisers for charitable causes, food drives or clothing drives.

How can the community support the students?

Come cheer on the sports teams, attend school events like Drama Club productions or music performances.  

Help them with their food drives or fund raisers.

Students and the community can all make things happen and be outstanding when they work together so come on everyone lets make Saratoga Springs even more exceptional!!!!

Thank you

​Peter Frolish

Hi, I am Peter Frolish, the Editor-In-Chief of the Toga Hot Seat.  This page is my chance to share my ideas and thoughts about different things that effect the students and community!!!


Recent social media 

As many in the Saratoga Community know, their has been a recent group formed on social media that was connected to our student body.  Phillip and I sat down with our parents and other people we look up to for advice and decided to share our thoughts. 

We created to Toga Hot Seat because all the positive things the SSHS students needed an outlet for the community to see.  While we feel that groups like this do not deserve our breath, we do feel that they should not be allowed to take away from all the good our classmates do.  We as a community need to come together and unite.  We need to stand tall and be beacons for those that are scared and worried about hate groups like this one.  We can be the shining light guiding this groups members from the hate.  

How did something like this happen in our little city?  We feel its because people stopped being neighbors.  People have stopped communicating, we decide to live more isolated then in the past.   

It is not to late to correct the problem.  Get to know your neighbors and your community.  Offer a stranger a smile and friendly greeting.  Don't focus on the negatives of life but the positives.

How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

Do you want to be remembered as the best athlete, maybe a noble prize winner, a war hero or one of many other ways?

I never really thought about it until a few years ago.  Being born with a life threatening disease, has a huge impact on how you view things.  Knowing that I would be lucky to live past the age of 15, helped my realize how precious everyday is.  Being dependent on others to help me cover Toga Sports, Musicals, Drama Club Productions and all the great things Toga students do, helped me realize how important friendship is.  

So how do I want to be remembered?  I want to be remembered for being a good friend, a person that helps others and valued people for their 99.  Yes their 99, their 99 is what makes a person who they are.  Valuing people based on who they are and not on how they look on the outside( their 1%).  I want to be remembered for helping pay it forward.  Bottom line I just want to be remembered for being a good person.