Quick Bio:  I grew up in the Boston area and there developed not only my accent (pahk the cah) but also my affinity for Boston sports teams.

College:  I went to several colleges before I got my act together and finally graduated with degrees in political science, history and secondary school teaching.

Post college:  I taught at Saratoga Springs High School for over thirty years and have taught the last 13 years at the University at Albany in the graduate program.

Best Memory as a Teacher:  My favorite memories about teaching have been the students who I had the opportunity to teach and/or coach over the years. I always felt that I learned as much from them as they learned in my class. I loved when they worked together and were supportive of one another. Some of my favorite examples of this include watching floats being built, seeing a prom come together, being present for teams that found out that working together they could always accomplish more than they could individually. I was frequently in awe of students who took the time to help out others. Students comforting each other after a tragedy affected the student body or after a tough loss on a court or on a diamond. I am extremely proud today of those students who have gone on to raise families, to contribute to the betterment of their local community, and those who have taken the time to continue to offer an encouraging word or a hand up to someone who was down

Favorite period in history: My favorite period in history is a tough question...I guess I would say that the period when the US Constitution was written is one of my favorite time periods.


Favorite Food: My favorite food has always been full bellied fried clams

Best advice you could give students:  The best advice that I could give students or anyone really is two fold. First, even when things look their worst you need to remember that there are always options. Sometimes they are hard to see and that's why when everything seems to be going wrong you need to reach out to friends and family. They can help you see options that you hadn't considered. Secondly, I would advise people to respect others. Even if you have different views on religion or politics or social issues, everyone is a human being and all of us should be respectful of other people's choices.

Anything you wish to add:​  Lastly, history matters. I have a love affair with Saratoga Springs history. It tells us where we have been and guides as to what we have in store in the future. Treasure your history, your family and your friends. Reach out to those in need and continue to grow as a human being. Life's greatest blessings are all around us. We need to protect them, nourish them and share them.

Rory "The Pizza Guru" Wilson

If you are or have been a student at SSHS in the past 10 years then you may know this weeks featured member on the Lightning Strike.   Enjoy the read on the guy in town that a lot of the Toga student body spend lunch breaks with during their senior year. 

Occupation; owner of D'andrea's pizza

What do you love most about your job:  I love to meet people. then what starts of as a casual conversation over a slice of pizza, sometimes two hahahaha, a friendship begins, and viola 9 years later a beautiful friendship has grown.

You see many Toga students each for lunch, whats the goofiest thing one has ever done in the store;         One of the goofiest things is when they sometimes dare each other to do shots of hot sauce oh boy that is some crazy times. also guys will ask us to spell prom on the pizza so they can ask girls to prom.

What is your favorite sport:   My favorite sport is basketball

Greatest advice:you were ever given:   Believe in yourself, be a fair leader, and treat everyone the same and people will go to the ends of the earth with you.

Who is the person or persons that have helped shaped you the most in your life: My parents, my grandmothe Marie D'arcy and my childern. nothing better than learning from your children on how to be a better person.

What is the greatest moment of your life:  My greatest moment seeing my 12 year old son at the time, go through a surgery to get his bone marrow taken out so he could save his big brother Jasons life. I still tear up at the thought of this. I am right now as I type this hahahhahaa.

I just want to add that you have a wonderful family, that shows each of us everyday, not to give up, not to quit, to live the most out of everyday and I am honored to call all of you my friends.

Toga Class of 2014, Toga Football RB, Toga Lax, Springfield College FB




















Jordan Wilcox

Dave Patterson

One of the greatest teachers in the history of SSHS and icon in the Saratoga Community!!!

​ *******Anything you want to add: Once a Blue Streak, always a Blue Streak. Find me on social media by searching Jamie Tanchyk or TanchRadio**********



​"The Senator"

What of some of you many roles for the class of 2016?     For the class of 2016, I am an officer for the Student Council, a member of The Lightning Rod school newspaper, and a varsity athlete, playing on the tennis team and New York State finalist football team.

Greatest moment in high school?   My best high school moment was definitely playing in the NYSPHSAA State Championship football game. It was great to see all the hard work our team has put in since 7th grade pay off, as we earned our way to becoming one of the best football teams in New York State.

Favorite teacher and why?    My favorite teacher in high school is Mr. James Flanders. Mr. Flanders was my 10th grade English teacher, and he taught me not only about hard work in the classroom, but also lessons on how to exceed in life. Mr Flanders and I are still very close today, and he has an awesome beard.

Favorite subject in school?   My favorite school subject is history.

Future plans?    Next year I will be taking ROTC at The Citadel Military College of South Carolina, where I hope to major in history and commission into the United States Marine Corps.  

Best advice you were ever given? "Live life to the fullest" -Peter and Phillip Frolish.

Favorite food? Bacon!!!!!

Anything you want to add: Saratoga High School is a great place, and I will miss all of the good times I had here next year​

The Lightning Strike is a chance for you to get to know former students and people that have or had significant impacts in the lives Toga Students.  

​Jaime "Tanch" Tanchyk

​Class of '03

Stop down to D'Andreas Pizza on Caroline St and have some pizza and take a picture with the Pizza Guru that Toga students love!!!!

Age 30

Graduated Toga HS 2004

College Suny Geneseo 2008

Married to Alex, no children 1 Labradoodle named Ollie

More Fun college or HS?  College

Best HS Memory? Winning the Yaddo Medal at Graduation

Best Moment as a coach? Winning the first Sectional title in outdoor track in school history in 2014

Best Part of being a teacher?  The relationships I get to develop with all of the different kids I work with.

Favorite Food? Maple Bourbon Beef Tips from Primal!

Current School? Springfield College

Major? Business Major w/ a Concentration in Finance, Minor in Entrepreneurial Studies

Position on Football team? Fullback

Greatest HS Moment? Beating Shen my Senior Year

Favorite Food?  Primal Steak Tips

Biggest Difference HS-College? The biggest difference for me is living on my own, being able to pick my classes and what times I want them.

Greatest moment of college is definitely meeting and supporting my teammate Luke Bradley a 10 year old who has been battling Leukemia! He has really impacted my life and many others!

What do you miss most from HS? I miss most from HS those Friday Night Light!

Something you wish you do more than anything else?​  One I wish I could make more money while at school.

 Sports:   played and position: Football (Tackle/D-End) and Lacrosse (Goalie)

 Favorite:  class: History

 Favorite:   teacher: Mr. Miller

 Favorite:  Coach: Coach Jones (football)

 Most important thing you learned: "5 minutes early is 10 minutes too late"

 Best memory from High School: Having fun doing silly stuff while doing the morning announcements - helped me decide I wanted to go in to radio

 Greatest  accomplishment from HS: receiving the Charles Camaro award at graduation.

 Your  life today(accomplishments, achievements and what you want
 the people to know): I've hosted radio shows in multiple formats in multiple markets including Albany NY, Rutland VT, Boston MA, Seattle WA and Nationwide on Open House Party. I'm currently hosting the 9a-2p slot on Hot 103-7 after the Grammy award nominated artist, Sir Mix-A-Lot

 Best  moment as a Radio Personality: Giving back to the community - helping less fortunate families provide Christmas gifts for their families, working with organizations like Ronald McDonald House and Make A Wish, just to name a few.

 Favorite celebrity you have met: Snoop Dogg

 Advice for the students today: It takes more effort to be a jerk than it does to be a nice person. Treat everyone with respect. Don't burn bridges. Some people say, "work smarter, not harder." That's BS. I say, "work smarder." There's no reason why you can't work smart AND hard.